What Makes E-Commerce Web Hosting Different

E-commerce web hosting is similar to a regular web hosting in the sense that the customer purchases a space in the host’s server. Along with that purchase are a set of features and internet bandwidth. But unlike regular web hosting, e-commerce web hosting has tools that make online shopping and online payment transactions more secure and convenient. Not only that, but tools that make managing an online business easier too.

Just like the regular web hosting, e-commerce web hosting can be purchased in shared servers or dedicated servers. If you are starting out and don’t expect thousands of visitors at one time, start with a shared server because it is much cheaper. Dedicated servers are for high traffic websites.

So what are the basic features of an e-commerce web host?

  • Your very own domain name
  • Technical support
  • Databases
  • A site that displays the services or products that are on sale

What are in e-commerce web hosting plans that are not found in regular web hosting?

  • Shopping cart
  • Payment gateway
  • Merchant account
  • SSL certificate
  • Mailing list program
  • Web analytics program
  • Dedicated IP for SSL

The seven features mentioned above are not typically found in regular web hosting plans. They are what make e-commerce web hosting best for online shops.

The shopping cart is what makes online shopping possible and convenient by allowing you to put all your purchases in one place and check-out and pay for them when you are done. The payment process in checking out is made secure by the payment getaway by ensuring that the customer’s payment details are encrypted.

Finding the right e-commerce web hosting plan for your online shop is an entirely different subject. Take into consideration what your needs are and what the company has to offer as well as its limitations. E-commerce web hosting plans differ in prices and features. Some companies offer features that other companies don’t such as software upgrades, free templates and website builders and marketing packages and tools. Take a close look at what a company has to offer but be sure that it has a good customer support, high-performance servers with very little recorded down time and secure infrastructure.


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