Understanding cPanel Web Hosting

In web hosting, you need a control panel to be able to manage and host your website. While there are other kinds of control panels, cPanel is probably the most popular and preferred choice of a lot of people because of its ease of use. As more and more people are trying web hosting, control panels have become easier and easier to use.  cPanel is well known for being user-friendly even for beginners.

So what can you do with cPanel?

  • You can manage your e-mail accounts in cPanel. You can use it to add e-mail accounts, check mail, change your password and so much more. As with every websites, newsletter is an integral part in managing it so cPanel allows you to manage newsletters too.
  • There’s an account information where you will see all the basic information about your website as well as your hosting account including website statistics.
  • With cPanel, you can easily customize your website. This is probably one of the reasons why cPanel is very popular. You can easily add and delete features on your website. It even has business features like a shopping cart.
  • File management is made easier by cPanel. You can easily create and maintain database with it since it allows for an easier downloading, editing, creating and deleting files. The tool File Manager will allow you to manage your files directly.
  • cPanel has an additional features that allows the user to download even more applications such as e-commerce applications, discussion boards, forum creation and so much more.
  • You can easily manage domains with cPanel. Because they are an important part of website management, you can configure them in cPanel and create subdomains too.

These are only a few of the features of cPanel. Don’t worry, once you get the cPanel, you will be guided through the entire interface. It will offer a tutorial to get you familiar with how the whole thing works and trust me, you won’t have a hard time because it is very easy to use. There are even countless tutorials on it in the internet, it is that popular.

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